Commitment to the Community

"Sustainability through Educational & Environmental Development (SEED) Program"

Giving back to the community where we work is a deeply held value at Mirabilio. By partnering with local organizations we are proud to make contributions towards projects that strengthen our community. Not only does it make the environment a better place today, it also secures its sustainability for generations to come!

Through the SEED program, Mirabilio makes donations to local educational or environmental development projects.


The trees planted will protect clean drinking water for 123 million Americans who's water originates from national forests; they will provide habitat for wildlife and fish; they will clean air and sequester carbon; and they will enhance recreation opportunities for millions of people who hunt, fish, hike, ski, and otherwise enjoy the land annually.

Tree-planting on America's National Forests help sustain public lands heritage set aside for the benefit for all Americans.

Past Campaigns

Derek Mirabilio (left) Vincent Lavorgna — Brooksvale Park Ranger (right)   July 7, 2014

Derek Mirabilio (left) Vincent LavorgnaBrooksvale Park Ranger (right)   July 7, 2014

Brooksvale Park Sapling Campaign

April 22 - July 4, 2014

Located in Hamden, CT, Brooksvale is home to an educationally based sugar maple farm. With your contribution we will purchase and plant more sugar maple saplings inside the park. 

Campaign result: $430