Proudly Handmade in somerville, ma, USA


Mirabilio specializes in jewelry with one-of-a-kind natural elements and hand-burned accents. 

Our pieces are sensible and functional, while connecting individuals to the outdoors. 


I am committed to the in-house design and manufacturing of the entire line. Extreme care is given to the selection and inspection of all materials for premium quality and aesthetic appeal. The highest level of attention is given to the design and entire fabrication process. 

Working with the natural beauties in the materials, each piece is hand-crafted and provided individual attention. All designs begin with the careful selection of wooden pieces, whereby each are individually shaped, burned, stained, and sealed. In the final stages a jewelry-grade finish is applied and they are paired together with other natural elements to create a variety of designs.

Every piece has its own unique voice or characteristics, which embodies the identity of the Mirabilio brand—creating truly one-of-a-kind designs.

[…they are a part of who I am.]

All of my designs come from within me. They are a part of who I am. When someone chooses to wear one as a statement of their own self-identity, we share in common. 

In a sense we are connected through that piece. As a designer, it is this connection which I strive for. 

-Derek Mirabilio